Audi TT car review | Top Gear | BBC

Jeremy takes the Audi TT out for a spin, that is if he can first decide on what to wear.
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  1. Xiaotong Li

    Xiaotong Li10 өдрийн өмнө

    the TT is between cute and sporty, what a masterpiece

  2. Waluigi's Waluweenie

    Waluigi's Waluweenie13 өдрийн өмнө

    Looks like the lovechild of a sports car and a vw beetle

  3. JK

    JK19 өдрийн өмнө

    I like the Audi TT because whenever you see one, you know the driver is almost certain to be an absolute arse and therefore be avoided. EDIT: Chris Moyles had one, which proves my point.

  4. SylfixPlayz

    SylfixPlayz19 өдрийн өмнө

    I want one if these as my first car lol


    PAPA MOSESСарын өмнө

    Why those three not making a comedy movie ??

  6. Rás X

    Rás XСарын өмнө


  7. kp46

    kp46Сарын өмнө

    Looks like this car is terrible in the bends

  8. crxdelsolsir

    crxdelsolsirСарын өмнө

    I am in 2nd gear and preparing 3rd... that is what you do in a completely manual car. DSG, for the new generation of drivers that need a computer to think of the next gear as they cannot think of the next gear while driving.

  9. pearlsnaredrummer77

    pearlsnaredrummer77Сарын өмнө

    The six cylinder I could probably deal with. I drove one of the turbo ones and the lag was hideous.

  10. Ghivi Fahmi

    Ghivi FahmiСарын өмнө

    So basically a car for hipsters

  11. d p

    d pСарын өмнө

    Such a cool! ✌🏾... he got it massively wrong.

  12. mack cummy

    mack cummyСарын өмнө

    Fast shifting is to keep the engine in the power band.

  13. mack cummy

    mack cummyСарын өмнө

    It looks like a Beetle.

  14. mack cummy

    mack cummyСарын өмнө

    pfft they didn't sell many here in Canada.

  15. mack cummy

    mack cummyСарын өмнө

    Is Jeremy implying the car is for metrosexual men?

  16. mack cummy

    mack cummyСарын өмнө

    pfft get an S2000.

  17. Blaine Whatman

    Blaine Whatman2 сарын өмнө

    Cannot beat the 1.8t engine Its a car modifiers dream, so much power to be unlocked and will make decent bhp figures before any major internals need changing

  18. Ethan Schmid

    Ethan Schmid2 сарын өмнө

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="425">7:05</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="433">7:13</a> that’s one of the classic songs you will hear from the Timeless FM radio in Forza Horizon 4!

  19. the only H

    the only H2 сарын өмнө

    Ugly car

  20. Blakey boy

    Blakey boy2 сарын өмнө


  21. josh

    josh2 сарын өмнө

    Just not the same without the old music

  22. A_flying_dutchman [NL]

    A_flying_dutchman [NL]2 сарын өмнө

    A flappy paddle gearbox? you mean a dual clutch gearbox controlled by paddles :P

  23. thb202

    thb2023 сарын өмнө

    It’s aged well

  24. Drchainsaw77

    Drchainsaw773 сарын өмнө

    Whoever invented the flappy-paddle gearbox should be coated in honey and staked out on an anthill.

  25. XantoS441

    XantoS4413 сарын өмнө

    This and the E60 5 Series aged soo well.

  26. Ross

    Ross3 сарын өмнө

    30 grand for a pagoda

  27. Jy Jym

    Jy Jym3 сарын өмнө

    Ultimate hairdressers car , after the mx5 of course.

  28. battletoads22

    battletoads223 сарын өмнө

    Man, that car has not aged well. It's so ugly.

  29. Eric Gadoux

    Eric Gadoux4 сарын өмнө

    Il conduit à droite puis à gauche lol

  30. LordGroyper

    LordGroyper4 сарын өмнө

    The Audi TT would be attractive as a woman but ugly as a man

  31. AngryDuck76

    AngryDuck764 сарын өмнө

    Looking back the TT was fresh but certainly no sports car. Clarkson was a legend in Top Gear.

  32. Mr. Potato

    Mr. Potato4 сарын өмнө

    Pff i can bet i can shift my 206 in 0.1sec manual

  33. Alan Pathomkan

    Alan Pathomkan4 сарын өмнө

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> she is the most early 2000's lady I've ever seen

  34. Leslie

    Leslie5 сарын өмнө

    people who say miatas are girly cars have never seen a Audi tt

  35. bllw

    bllw5 сарын өмнө

    This car is a hunk of shit lolll

  36. sam brown

    sam brown5 сарын өмнө

    The 2019 TTRS puts this to shame 😂😂

  37. Neologic

    Neologic3 сарын өмнө

    Yeah this car is 20 effing years old. Twenty, just in case.

  38. Moutaz Horakli

    Moutaz Horakli5 сарын өмнө

    Look now where are Audi and BMW and where is your Rangrover ), this program make a lot of bla bla bla

  39. technologylover121

    technologylover1215 сарын өмнө

    What is the music at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a>

  40. luminor007

    luminor0076 сарын өмнө

    Worrying when you see how old they look these days.. time waits for nobody ..just makes u want to hurry up and gets things done before ur times up

  41. roderick mchardy

    roderick mchardy4 сарын өмнө

    specksavers will do you a deal

  42. Dreamy

    Dreamy6 сарын өмнө

    A Nissan 350Z is more fun than the Audi TT no doubt, but some ladies really dig the TT's style

  43. Alex Paumen

    Alex Paumen6 сарын өмнө

    The hilarious thing about EVERY (and literally EVERY) TT I’ve seen has a person in dressy clothes in the drivers seat.

  44. Noah Paulette

    Noah Paulette6 сарын өмнө

    Actually might consider getting one of these I live in the USA and I saw one for like 3 Grand with a few small performance mods still looks like a 25-30k car as well

  45. Rick Heaton

    Rick Heaton7 сарын өмнө

    Its oct 2019. Iv just bought a 51 reg bright yellow audi tt. 1.8 225 hp. Full bose sound system. Pristine grey heated leather. Not a patch of rust. 144k miles. £900 quid. Got it as a second car for work. I freaking love it..

  46. numberstation

    numberstation7 сарын өмнө

    Well done. I owned one for a couple of years and had a lot of fun in it, I think the looks are fantastic and the 225 is a hoot to drive. It’s a shame Audi have lost their bottle and watered down the looks in every subsequent model of the TT.

  47. Alex Paumen

    Alex Paumen7 сарын өмнө

    Out of the very few TT’s I’ve seen, literally all of them have people with dressy clothes on.

  48. VeronViper 06

    VeronViper 067 сарын өмнө

    Stig’s music: nice and classic Tyres: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  49. Kristen555

    Kristen5557 сарын өмнө

    I’d almost forgotten what a complete flog Clarkson really is / was.

  50. 고등 지능 ODINS trash

    고등 지능 ODINS trash7 сарын өмнө

    The TT is a brilliant car, it’s “ugly” look 👀 only makes it better!

  51. John Totten

    John Totten7 сарын өмнө

    Never disrespect Bill Ward like that Hammond

  52. Felix Magath

    Felix Magath7 сарын өмнө

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a> "Hi, I've got an Audi TT". Cracks me every time

  53. nore

    nore7 сарын өмнө

    oktober.15 2019 gang

  54. ClassicLuigi

    ClassicLuigi7 сарын өмнө

    Damn, what is this song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> ? This is genuinely catchy

  55. R Siqueira

    R Siqueira7 сарын өмнө

    Anyone else here after watching Doug's review? MNgos's algorithm making sense for once

  56. andrew wyatt

    andrew wyatt7 сарын өмнө

    The cross fire lol TT wins hands down

  57. FLOB32

    FLOB328 сарын өмнө

    "It's all form and forget the function." - 10 years later, nothing has changed with Audi..

  58. Alien skullcollector

    Alien skullcollector8 сарын өмнө

    My principle got one

  59. sefp

    sefp8 сарын өмнө

    I actually like the look of the TT


    ODC DATSME8 сарын өмнө

    Tatter tot

  61. John Angel

    John Angel8 сарын өмнө

    that is one really ugly car, thankfully they've made the design more tolerable nowadays. Still wouldn't buy a car with fake awd.

  62. rambo john

    rambo john8 сарын өмнө

    British build for war not for car

  63. dazzaburger

    dazzaburger8 сарын өмнө

    If you’d bought one of these new a decade ago you’ve lost about £20,000

  64. roderick mchardy

    roderick mchardy4 сарын өмнө

    more like 26


    SXdrv.com8 сарын өмнө

    Really cool video! Check out our TTQS Build:

  66. Madern

    Madern8 сарын өмнө

    Direct shift gear ⚙️

  67. lord tachanka

    lord tachanka8 сарын өмнө

    The old one looks ugly in my opinion but the new one is nice

  68. Skvala Gaming

    Skvala Gaming8 сарын өмнө

    Audi TT- a glorified GOlf

  69. soldatheero

    soldatheero9 сарын өмнө

    seems like he just bashes it and makes fun of the people who like it.. does he ever say what year the car is hes driving?

  70. McAmber

    McAmber9 сарын өмнө

    looks great - audi TT

  71. Andy Raposo Rubio

    Andy Raposo Rubio9 сарын өмнө

    Pretty much worth it.

  72. John ‘Juice’ Shipper

    John ‘Juice’ Shipper9 сарын өмнө

    Literally nobody: Audi TT: DID SOMEBODY SAY *UNDERSTEER*?!?!

  73. frasertones

    frasertones9 сарын өмнө

    Top Gear reviews suck.

  74. Colin Grubbs

    Colin Grubbs9 сарын өмнө

    30,0000$? A rolls royce its way more expensive than a Audi TT.

  75. Pat Berkowicz

    Pat Berkowicz9 сарын өмнө

    Car looks like shite end of. If you simply can’t afford a r8 this is not an option,. This is a proper hairdressers car, the one who maybe owns the place.

  76. Dreamy

    Dreamy9 сарын өмнө

    This car looks gross. This is a Volkswagen Beetle that’s squashed. I’m glad that later generation Audi TT RS’s look much better.

  77. AnythingEvil78

    AnythingEvil789 сарын өмнө

    It’s 2019 now and I’m still digging the styling. U can still get low mileage and well looked after second hand ones now at a cheap price. Makes a good platform to add some performance modifications and have a really nice weekend car.

  78. K3y Glock

    K3y Glock10 сарын өмнө

    10 years later I’m here

  79. MRPK1967

    MRPK196710 сарын өмнө

    Waste of time the 3.2 engine. 1.8 is much lighter and can take big bhp outputs.

  80. Rob Hicks

    Rob Hicks10 сарын өмнө

    I have a friend who worked on Audis at an Audi dealership in Charlotte NC for years and his biggest gripe about Audi was how many brand new Audis would end up in the shop just months after being bought and how the dealership would press him and other mechanics to work late and on the weekends to keep up with fixing the problems with these cars.

  81. Top Gear, 50 a gram

    Top Gear, 50 a gram10 сарын өмнө

    Its a womens car

  82. raulio81

    raulio8110 сарын өмнө

    Funny how outdated these old Top Gear episodes are. Never considered their reviews useful, just a joke.

  83. Nicholas Hughes

    Nicholas Hughes10 сарын өмнө

    Why does it sound supercharged in this video?

  84. CarreraGT

    CarreraGT10 сарын өмнө

    The days where £30k for a V6 was expensive!