Derrick Rose CRAZY GAME WINNER vs Pelicans! Pistons vs Pelicans 2019 NBA Season

Derrick Rose CRAZY GAME WINNER vs Pelicans! Pistons vs Pelicans December 9, 2019-20 NBA Season
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  1. Judah Friese

    Judah FrieseСарын өмнө

    Commentators pelicans fans

  2. Jefri Afriakbar

    Jefri AfriakbarСарын өмнө


  3. bigmoney iceman

    bigmoney icemanСарын өмнө

    D rose !!!

  4. Twan S

    Twan SСарын өмнө

    my G really stacked it and locked it 7️⃣4️⃣ 🔱 🤞🏾🔯

  5. LIVINGWITHmaskMiXlife

    LIVINGWITHmaskMiXlifeСарын өмнө

    Coolblooded Commentator🤣

  6. Fnatic SoS1CK

    Fnatic SoS1CKСарын өмнө

    In crunch time just give him the ball..

  7. Jogja Beda Channel Jogja

    Jogja Beda Channel JogjaСарын өмнө

    John Wick Rose

  8. Seige heim

    Seige heimСарын өмнө

    Before Commentators: Rose going to dribble the ball and pass it to Draymond *Doubting* After Commentators: *Try to Glorified Rose but failed*

  9. Andison Hill

    Andison HillСарын өмнө

    Windy City Assassin aka The Original Chi Town Steppa aka Poohdini aka Too Big Too Fast Too Strong Too Good aka YOUNGEST MVP EVER

  10. English'Ex'pert Denied'

    English'Ex'pert Denied'Сарын өмнө

    Commentators is with the side of pelicans

  11. allan rey Real

    allan rey RealСарын өмнө

    though he is so Good and Popular... He stays and choose to be HUMBLE.. very seldom NBA players can do that.. Godbless DROSE!

  12. Clauneshia Walters

    Clauneshia WaltersСарын өмнө

    The picture look like Derrick rose was fighting

  13. Csaba Csatlós

    Csaba CsatlósСарын өмнө

    So humble this guy... I love him

  14. Jeremy Walker

    Jeremy WalkerСарын өмнө

    On G.D he stacked and locked that shit

  15. Stephen Rodriguez

    Stephen RodriguezСарын өмнө

    My fav player of all times

  16. Duty One

    Duty OneСарын өмнө

    Only real nigga seen what he did wit his hands after the shoot😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤔🤔🤔🤔

  17. Tim Kruse

    Tim KruseСарын өмнө

    against a elite defender in holiday, yeah rose still a cold mofo

  18. Thanos left butt cheek Thanos right butt cheek

    Thanos left butt cheek Thanos right butt cheekСарын өмнө

    Those commentators is so salty btw I’m a d rose fan

  19. Papa Larren

    Papa LarrenСарын өмнө

    His crossovers are still deadly. He sells it well.

  20. Riza Jade

    Riza JadeСарын өмнө

    Pelicans commentator always boring af

  21. Donnie Buenaventura

    Donnie BuenaventuraСарын өмнө

    The commentators and Drose reaction are boring asf. Should atleast put the Kawhi laugh. Atleast

  22. titeng malake

    titeng malakeСарын өмнө

    Those boring commentators tho.

  23. Kaelen Brix

    Kaelen BrixСарын өмнө

    I still really believe if not with his injuries he'll definitely be the one on top of the convo with mj debate and not that fraud king, dude just have that killer mentality in him and the only reason y rose lost to lbj is coz of that superteam he formed in miami

  24. AYL Yi-Huh

    AYL Yi-HuhСарын өмнө

    meme time

  25. mananghilaw walihgnanam

    mananghilaw walihgnanamСарын өмнө

    that's my IDOL 👏 👏 👏

  26. Erison Nuesi

    Erison NuesiСарын өмнө


  27. kejuan moore

    kejuan mooreСарын өмнө

    Same look on his face when he hit the game winner vs Cleveland in the playoffs 2015

  28. Game Ball

    Game BallСарын өмнө

    Now he's having upper body injury cause of Griffin😁😁😁

  29. Oynot Po

    Oynot PoСарын өмнө

    mvp mode .

  30. The1TheyCall Foo

    The1TheyCall FooСарын өмнө

    I see so many people talking about the announcers not getting excited and being bias. All local announcers are bias for the their home team, the Detroit announcers were hype!

  31. The1TheyCall Foo

    The1TheyCall FooСарын өмнө

    Pistons won last 4 games out of 5 , I hope they can keep this chemistry going and build on it!

  32. Joshua Fresto

    Joshua FrestoСарын өмнө

    I Hope he's gonna be an all star again this season8

  33. Pill Cosby

    Pill CosbyСарын өмнө

    Zion is a bust

  34. deandre gabriel

    deandre gabrielСарын өмнө

    cold blooded assasin 😎

  35. Ian S.S

    Ian S.SСарын өмнө


  36. Groku 4.2.0

    Groku 4.2.0Сарын өмнө

    @ 00:38 B.O.S Folk ✡

  37. Dayvid Byun

    Dayvid ByunСарын өмнө

    Hahah he made that face again

  38. Mike Conner

    Mike ConnerСарын өмнө

    I can tell alot of you don't watch basketball games or listen to them on the radio. Home Game commentators never get hyped for the lost. They do however, give credit where credit is due.

  39. Wendell Sanford

    Wendell SanfordСарын өмнө

    Rose a G frfr he stood on it AND LOCKED IT!!!!!!! ON THE BOS!!!!!!!✡ Dell Dilla on

  40. Rain Rain

    Rain RainСарын өмнө


  41. Christopher Diggs

    Christopher DiggsСарын өмнө


  42. SC R

    SC RСарын өмнө

    Now imagine if he started playing Euro League ball when he is 11-12 years old like some of these guys in the league. With the athletic ability he had plus additional professional experience and skills??? He was already the youngest MVP in NBA history without it. WOW!!!!

  43. Jk Tech tips

    Jk Tech tipsСарын өмнө

    Still got it

  44. wei lun Eric

    wei lun EricСарын өмнө

    If there is a knee pad, it is recommended for everyone!

  45. Big Daddy Romeo

    Big Daddy RomeoСарын өмнө

    Number 34 pelicans what the fuck is going on with your haircut dude Lord help him

  46. dawit ambaye

    dawit ambayeСарын өмнө

    He's the definition of not giving up on yourself.

  47. UnknownGamer Playz

    UnknownGamer PlayzСарын өмнө

    Who else lives NBA I'm gifting my next 20 subs

  48. ehi80

    ehi80Сарын өмнө

    Was that the Jordan push off??? I though I saw a forearm shove to clear space for that shot...

  49. brs rafal

    brs rafalСарын өмнө

    He will be the reason they make playoffs hope Blake healthy they make noise in east

  50. Michael Minning

    Michael MinningСарын өмнө

    Whoever dislikes this video is a Pelicans fan lol

  51. Derrick Neal

    Derrick NealСарын өмнө

    On da gangsta

  52. yang yapeng

    yang yapengСарын өмнө


  53. KingJKickz Haley

    KingJKickz HaleyСарын өмнө

    DRose Ate that nigga Up 🤣🤣😂

  54. Donald Melton

    Donald MeltonСарын өмнө

    The nigga been in these situations for years so the big moments are nothing to him

  55. WhyAnubis?

    WhyAnubis?Сарын өмнө

    This is one of the easiest GW I’ve ever seen and it’s against an elite defender. Damn lol.

  56. Chadwick

    ChadwickСарын өмнө

    And he’s still not the starter. But he comes off the bench to save the game ???

  57. Peyton Olsen

    Peyton OlsenСарын өмнө

    Chadwick he comes off the bench cuz the team doesn’t want him to get injured and he plays more minutes that the starting pg on the Pistons anyways

  58. Yvng Flame

    Yvng FlameСарын өмнө

    Commentators were terrible just shows you how anyone can do a better job than them some times

  59. Bat kk

    Bat kkСарын өмнө

    D rose looks like miguel tho

  60. Thejayard X

    Thejayard XСарын өмнө

    Looks good on u Detroit pistons d rose like if u agree 👍

  61. Joshua Sabido

    Joshua SabidoСарын өмнө