Game Theory: How To WIN A War (Assassin's Creed Odyssey)

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey is a game about choice. Are you going to fight for Athens or Sparta? Today Theorists, I am going to give you the information you NEED to help you make the RIGHT CHOICE. You want to WIN the war? Here's how!
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  1. Tim 149

    Tim 1492 цагийн өмнө

    I'm Greek so it's in honor for Mat to like my culture and stuff

  2. Antreas 312

    Antreas 3122 өдрийн өмнө

    I am Greek

  3. Sure Lock

    Sure Lock3 өдрийн өмнө

    1:49 For a second I thought the guy on the right was getting a bj

  4. Big Mac

    Big Mac4 өдрийн өмнө

    I didn't even realize I should join a side. I just slaughtered the ones with the better loot and helped the ones with the larger rewards

  5. KingDog

    KingDog4 өдрийн өмнө

    Assassins Creed: Odyssey looks more like Dark Souls: Odyssey instead of an AC game. Like seriously, where is the trade mark hidden blade?

  6. Jordan Holloman

    Jordan Holloman7 өдрийн өмнө

    It's also Mass Effect.

  7. Chris Wolf

    Chris Wolf8 өдрийн өмнө

    hahahahah if i was said that to my teachers will be kick me from classroom (#IF)


    JOHN SPEED8 өдрийн өмнө


  9. Leo A

    Leo A10 өдрийн өмнө

    Also sparta was kinda proto fascist

  10. Samo Zelič

    Samo Zelič10 өдрийн өмнө

    6:49 Sparta was not realy worth the truble, if they wanted to, they would have destroyed sparta.

  11. Ahsan Khan

    Ahsan Khan11 өдрийн өмнө

    Talked about Spartans without even once referring to Kratos? Hmmmm,UbiSoft must've made it VERY clear not to talk about God of War.

  12. Jordan Holloman

    Jordan Holloman7 өдрийн өмнө

    Krato's isn't actually part of Ancient Greek mythology.

  13. s o i m n

    s o i m n12 өдрийн өмнө

    All your friends are Athenian, the spartan superiors are jerks and unfair while you help Pericles, the Athenian leader and one of the nicest men ever. Horodotos, your second most trusted ally and one of your best friends are Athenian and it feels wrong sinking Athenian ships with him standing shotgun on your ship.

  14. Cade Smith

    Cade Smith14 өдрийн өмнө

    The Sparta could only muster a few hundred men and the campaign was not worth it time. History civil makes video that has more accurate information and he know his history better. I can list more history channel that can handle more historical topic better since they know information better and better at researching history topic better.

  15. alpha magic wolf

    alpha magic wolf14 өдрийн өмнө

    I play it now so yea :p

  16. Pinaqqles

    Pinaqqles14 өдрийн өмнө

    We need this in a fee months

  17. Mr. Yeet-man The First

    Mr. Yeet-man The First16 өдрийн өмнө

    I’d be dead

  18. Rule 34

    Rule 3417 өдрийн өмнө

    well i still think its more honrable to take a few hostages than it is to throw babies of cliffs

  19. That Irish Unicorn

    That Irish Unicorn17 өдрийн өмнө

    wait maybe I’m wrong but wasn’t there an assassins creed set in prehistoric times? or was it a different franchise

  20. Brett Mellinger

    Brett Mellinger18 өдрийн өмнө

    Molon labe

  21. maddox silvene

    maddox silvene18 өдрийн өмнө

    It’s actually funny how Alexios isn’t the cannon charming even though he is plastered all over the case and the trailers

  22. IRONGRINDER321 is cool

    IRONGRINDER321 is cool20 өдрийн өмнө

    Phone: madness. Patrick: no these is Patrick! *shoves*


    KING OF CHICAGO20 өдрийн өмнө

    They need to do Mesopotamia

  24. Cozy Raptor

    Cozy Raptor23 өдрийн өмнө

    Don't know if I'm the to know first but tailey Sparta was the one who threw the character off the mountain

  25. Ali Akyuz

    Ali Akyuz23 өдрийн өмнө

    Baklava is from Turkey

  26. Doggygirl 31

    Doggygirl 3125 өдрийн өмнө

    Well, it looks like assassin's Creed Odyssey is wanting to be like mass effect.

  27. Master Assassin

    Master Assassin26 өдрийн өмнө

    IM A JOCK 🏈🔥😂💪🏼🐉⚡️🏆💯 AND MASTER ASSASSIN🏈💯🏆🏈🏈

  28. JJSmilez

    JJSmilez26 өдрийн өмнө


  29. Patrick Andersen

    Patrick Andersen28 өдрийн өмнө

    The story of spartans leaving children to die is false and was athenian propaganda to make the spartans look barbaric

  30. Mr. Bonnie Bon

    Mr. Bonnie Bon29 өдрийн өмнө

    "if you know how to make something, know how to use something, but don't know how to use something effectively, then what's the point of making it?" - Me trying to sound smart

  31. DJDEmooN B0Ss

    DJDEmooN B0SsСарын өмнө


  32. Desi De Rata

    Desi De RataСарын өмнө

    T vs P whitch on

  33. ImNutsIKnow

    ImNutsIKnowСарын өмнө

    Scott Cawthon: this is fnaf, I will always find a way to make it complicated MatPat: Madness, THIS IS GAME THEORY *kick* Leonidas enters the room and realises that MatPat has out Spartared him, so, he leaves the room and stops trying to be a Spartan General, so he has a son, and that son has two children, Kassandra and Alexios, who both get adopted and then then they get Yeeted off of a cliff. If only I was a film director

  34. CxsmiqlEmo

    CxsmiqlEmoСарын өмнө

    The ancient world is my favourite place to hang out in. I know more about ancient history than I do about current history.

  35. YES HAW

    YES HAWСарын өмнө

    Every assassin vs the world in the 1200s Who would win

  36. cyberdec3pt10n

    cyberdec3pt10nСарын өмнө

    origins is the first

  37. cyberdec3pt10n

    cyberdec3pt10nСарын өмнө


  38. Excuseeme

    ExcuseemeСарын өмнө

    I learned more about the events of the Peloponnesian War, the Athenians, and the Spartans here than I ever did in Latin.

  39. Turhan Zaim

    Turhan ZaimСарын өмнө

    I am un subbing how u saying baklava is Greek

  40. baranpower gaming2

    baranpower gaming2Сарын өмнө


  41. Onur Mustafa

    Onur MustafaСарын өмнө

    8:56 I once was an adventurer like you...Then i took an arrow to the knee

  42. Tom Bombadil

    Tom BombadilСарын өмнө

    You forgot the bit where Spartan boys engage in consesual sexual relationship with older Spartan men until they come of age and considered adult men then they may choose to severe the relationship, a thing that the rest of the greeks find "queer" because Athenians tend to keep the relationship a little bit longer, often shaving the uoung adults to keep them looking youthful.

  43. Janeil Hollinger 2026

    Janeil Hollinger 2026Сарын өмнө


  44. Decomissioned Unit 24 N-TECH

    Decomissioned Unit 24 N-TECHСарын өмнө

    "This baby's flailing arms will do a fine job of holding a shield some day" *Drops the shield to the baby*

  45. DJ KING

    DJ KINGСарын өмнө

    A millisecond before the kick in the intro I got hit in the head

  46. Santino Gattei

    Santino GatteiСарын өмнө

    Has anyone else had all their games disappear from their uplay library

  47. PattyCake

    PattyCakeСарын өмнө

    midway through this video i forgot we were watching a theory about Assassins creed

  48. FlipSide YT

    FlipSide YTСарын өмнө

    Ok thx for the tip of which side to chose for when I get Asssians creed odyssey (Good job btw)

  49. Courtney Kwong

    Courtney KwongСарын өмнө

    Women to with Sparta... we had rights there


    EMRE USTUNСарын өмнө

    Baklava is a turkish food

  51. _VideogamemasterVGM

    _VideogamemasterVGMСарын өмнө

    Why don't History classes make us play these games?

  52. hajzan

    hajzanСарын өмнө

    the isle is in the pangea

  53. Seth Cereal

    Seth CerealСарын өмнө

    Super excited for ragnorak

  54. ROYAL inferno

    ROYAL infernoСарын өмнө

    Play and beat the game then watch this theory it's no longer a spoiler *Perfect cell tapping his crown*

  55. Omar Fouad

    Omar FouadСарын өмнө

    Matpat: assasin creed odyssey is going back in time far more than all the other games in the franchise Assasin creed origins: Am I a joke to you

  56. strikezrow

    strikezrowСарын өмнө

    Knowledge is power... France is Bacon

  57. hacuna matata_clan

    hacuna matata_clanСарын өмнө

    I am half Greek

  58. Kat

    KatСарын өмнө

    10:26 can someone tell me the name of this song?

  59. jeb –

    jeb –Сарын өмнө

    What mattpat doesn't make sense he literally explained every thing in the Greek history

  60. Hamza Marah

    Hamza MarahСарын өмнө

    Inspired.. 😂

  61. Thomas Lorensen

    Thomas LorensenСарын өмнө

    12:30 I literally have the sword on the left in my house. Sparta here I come

  62. Saber Toothless

    Saber ToothlessСарын өмнө

    Sooooo nerds versus muscles?