How Disney's Animation Evolved From 'Frozen' To 'Frozen II' | Movies Insider

"Frozen 2" is the long-awaited follow-up to the 2013 Disney animated smash hit featuring characters like Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven. For the sequel, animators updated Anna and Elsa's outfits, re-built parts of Arendelle, and figured out how to turn water, wind, fire, and rocks into living, breathing creatures like Gale and the Nokk. We took a look at all of the interesting details and techniques the Disney animators used to make "Frozen II" and how they improved upon the first film.
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How Disney's Animation Evolved From 'Frozen' To 'Frozen II' | Movies Insider


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    Is thare going to be a 3rd frozon?

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    I work your friends are the year I love your from say the video

  4. SideOrderOfFries

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    “For inspiration, the animators took a space shuttle to Saturn to get a better since of the gravity in this animated world.”

  5. Summer Powell

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    Oh my God. Frozen was made seven years ago.

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    I feel like the next frozen movie is gonna be live action honestly

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    so, how did they, made, Samantha?

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    3:47 barefoot

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    Do we have to wait 6 more years for frozen |||?

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    But they will never make a part two of Rupanzel .....😒

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    _i just realized that in the frozen 2 Anna doesnt have the white hair streak anymore_

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    Its 2020 now so make it 7 YEARS

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    This would give me a headache if I did what they do

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    6 YEARS?! Man I feel old now

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    Every one wares different cloths of corse there outfits look different

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    Frozen 2 is BEAUTIFUL

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    It mean they work very hard

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    Very nice movie

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    After watching this video I decided to become an animator

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    It didn't take a long time to do Frozen 2 did they

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    There should be a frozen three and Elsa should have a baby

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    But Idc anything I just love this movie and thx for the information

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    Wtf 2013 I though like 2016 around there that’s crazy

  27. Muath Abuatieh

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    First, I didnt see it, then, I was like, Its Elsa taking the blocks up so she can walk! Thats apart of the movie!

  28. Sid Bag

    Sid Bag5 өдрийн өмнө

    I went to watch frozen 2 today and I feel the animation is much better

  29. Cardinal

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    6 years? Fk me that flew.

  30. Oreoz Dreamer

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    Can we also appreciate that at the start elsa was not wearing the OG dress from frozen 1. Like she had brand new cloths, which makes it more realistic. CUz mainly in disney movie everyday they have the same exact cloths.

  31. The King Kitties

    The King Kitties5 өдрийн өмнө

    Disney animators probably greatly appreciate this video

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    Wait can you no frozen 3 can come

  33. Fiction Fiend

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    And somehow this didn’t get a best animated feature nomination at the oscars...

  34. Randy Langi

    Randy Langi6 өдрийн өмнө

    with all this animation they didn't won Golden Globe best animated featured which is Missing link that is won, and not even nominee to Oscar. this happened when you gave a responsibilities to people that acknowledge or old for choosing a nomination, they don't even acknowledge how frozen 2 and Toy Story 4 pushed their limitation for the animation, they didn't even see the detail what they were put in this film, you know the main reason i watched frozen 2 for 8 times? bcause the animation is so stunning, the colors, the detailed, the saturation, value, water, face motion, is very calm to watch. i still don't get it why is not even nominee in oscar.

  35. Lizette Quintana

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    I’m just trying out a couple things and I’m just wondering how to get them done with that job so you know

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    Amazing job done by disney

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    How did the most visually stunning animated movie snubbed at the Oscars!!!!

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    Frozen 3 finding samtha

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    Frozen:snow season Frozen2: fall season Me: its soo hot here!?!?!

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    So I, dirty minded and I thought for a mila second that it was you know u know sorry I thought it was I’m not gonna say it

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    I am waiting for zootopia !!

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    Cliff Notes: Pixar is pretty good at animation.

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    Man the animators has a whole dang party making this huh

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    this is just commen scence ffs , elsa has more detailed jewel encrusted clothes because by this film she has accepted more shes a queen ffs

  52. Baby Joe

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    "Arendelle used to be covered in snow but remember, it's autumn now" Yeah and it was summer then

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    Finland NANI It’s where I live my life:o

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    0:18 The clothes on the shoulders probably how the clothing is designed

  55. Emily A

    Emily A8 өдрийн өмнө

    actaully with horses, the ears mean a lot. if the ears are pricked forward they are either alert, happy, or something like that. If the ears are pinned back they are angry. If they are being ridden, and you are making the “kissing sounds” or saying a command like “trot” “easy” “woah” or “good boy/girl) they may flip back one ear to show they are listening. Of course this isnt always the case, as each horse is different!

  56. laxman gyawali

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    Animators of Frozen: Unsung heroes

  57. Katarina Teofanov

    Katarina Teofanov9 өдрийн өмнө

    I feel like Elsa and Anna are 6 years older than in first movie, they both act more mature

  58. Katarina Teofanov

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    @danica pizzino ohh nice, haven't noticed it

  59. danica pizzino

    danica pizzino3 өдрийн өмнө

    Katarina Teofanov they are 3 years older I think. In the first movie it says “3 years later” after the parents passed. Then in the new one the girls say it was 6 years ago they died

  60. Purple Turtles

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    Frozen two sucks

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    *anime still has better animation*

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    Ahhahahahaha🤣😂 Nice joke

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    The water scene makes me incredible levels of uncomfortable because I had an experience when I was younger that my family finally talked me into bogie boarding, even though I didn't want to. It was going okay but I wasn't really having much actual fun. But then as I was preparing for the next wave, it somehow swallowed me and tossed me under. I went back to where we were staying soon after that, with the taste and stickiness of salt in my mouth and all over me, and being scarred for life. :)

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    Samantha was great.. she really was nice.. hey guys.. how do we know Samantha was a she?

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    Frozen 3 IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN THE DIRECTORS SAID THAT IT IS THE LAST movie And it's the complete story And the book of the Frozen story is closed Forever But ireally wanted Frozen 3 so bad tho😢😭💔

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    I didn't each it so spoiler alert