Luh Kel - Pull Up (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Terrius Mykel
Song Produced by Jonnyshipes, 11vn & RayRay&AR
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Pull up to yo crib everytime I miss you
And I Love to hear yo voice sound like a instrumental
I be going on all these trips but love it when I’m witchu
And You know When I pull up I settle all our issues
It’s thanksgiving so you loving on the way eat it
Micheal Jackson I’m in It you love how I beat it
If I tell you I love you baby I really mean it
And I really I miss yo body you know that I need it
You feeling sick from all the motion
Girl I love it when I’m in yo ocean
Touching on you I swear you got the potion
Loving on you I swear you got the potion yeah
And girl I leave you soaking
Girl you got me high but I ain’t smoking
Imma give you bout everything you wanted
Gas you up to the sky I got you floating
But you know this
Right crowd
Them other boys they need to pipe down
You and me baby we alone so that’s the right sound
And I like it when we alone so turn them lights out
And ain’t no Netflix and chilling I want it right now
I like it when we cruising
n****s be talking but girl you really do it
And you knew it
Yeah you had a nigga before me so now you choosing
Balling like Lebron and Kobe so ain’t no loosing
You got my eyes open
You the only one I want
And ain’t no option
Cuz I been waiting on you for months
You the only one I want
You the only one I need
You the only one I see
You the only one I need
When you hold the 223
Girl you got me on my knees yeah
#LuhKel #PullUp #Lifewluhkel


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    whos here when this was called so sick

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    Producer you need autotune Luh kel auto what ?!?!


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    He got caught rip

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    The hotel is called pull up like the song

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    The instrumental sounds like So Sick from Ne-Yo.

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