Luh Kel - Movie Feat. PnB Rock (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Terrius Mykel
Song Produced by Jonnyshipes & 11vn
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Netflix time for real, I got a Benz with a steel.
I’m in a Benz when I drill.
I’m in the Benz when I kill.
Drip, drip, drip like its rain.
She smoke a spliff but she done everythang.
When I pull up she be wet like a sink.
Shawty a freak but she claim she a saint.
Uh, 2 new Jag but it’s right by 2 my Bugatti’s.
She got friends, somehow they all found out my name.
Up down, shawty yeah she bad she from uptown.
Niggas gettin mad cause I’m up now.
New rollie it’s a bust down.
Up, up, dip, dip.
New car, new whip.
Drop top, new wheel.
New Glock on my hip.
I spray new cash. ?
Copped 50 rounds today.
New drop to a new push. ?
I used to trap out a Porsche.
Ballin, I ball like a court.
She wanna ride me like horse.
I knew see, she wanna do me.
I want a groupie, I watch her like a movie.
Trap trap flip flip
Your bitch she all on my dick dick
She wanna come through and get hit
Pussy and you aint gon do shit
Cause I run around with the uzi
This shit can go down Run into me
And you can’t be mad that she chose me
Just look at my ice my shit frozen
I got baguettes on me
All these hoes they wanna sex on me
Would think im signed to nike all these checks on me
Got a tek on me And a vest on me
Cause I know niggas be hating
I know bitches be snakin
And they won’t ever catch me lackin
Happy I made it
New rarri racin
Up, up, dip, dip.
New car, new whip.
Drop top, new wheel.
New Glock on my hip.
I spray new cash. ?
Copped 50 rounds today.
New drop to a new push. ?
I used to trap out a Porsche.
Ballin, I ball like a court.
She wanna ride me like horse.
I knew see, she wanna do me.
I want a groupie, I watch her like a movie.
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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> when you go to the movies and get a small popcorn and a drink

  11. Telica Blackman

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    lul kel is so underrated omg, he should be so much bigger

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    I hear Ace x Blac - Bad Bxtxh in the background in the beginning, already fw the song now🔥

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    My only problem with PnB Rock is how skinny he is ain’t nun wrong wit it ig but he look like his would get man handled😂😂love his music tho

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  30. Akilah Parks

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    my question is how does luh kel get the most cutest gurls then older rapper

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    Me:kel kinda sound like juice wrld dis song Friends:ong he do

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