The 2020 Toyota Avalon TRD Is a Really Weird Sport Sedan

The 2020 Toyota Avalon TRD is a very strange sport sedan. Today I'm reviewing the Avalon TRD, and I'm going to show you all the weird quirks and features of one of the strangest sport sedans on the market. I'm also driving the Avalon TRD, and I'm going to show you what it's like to drive the 2020 Avalon TRD.
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  1. Technically Tech

    Technically Tech13 цагийн өмнө

    Like most of the "quirky" cars you review are mostly normal. You yourself are a very quirky person.

  2. Eruption

    Eruption15 цагийн өмнө

    If you go to general settings you can turn off “Animation” which makes the infotainment system faster when you press on the screen.

  3. Fanos

    Fanos20 цагийн өмнө

    Car guys: We want more power for the 86/brz. Toyota: Here's a new sports sedan that only families will buy.

  4. Jay Blanco

    Jay Blanco23 цагийн өмнө

    My grandma just traded her 2017 avalon for a 2020. Now I have to go see if she got the obviously more powerful TRD 😂

  5. Rei Cuni

    Rei CuniӨдрийн өмнө

    it looks good tbh

  6. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick BatemanӨдрийн өмнө

    I like the look, but I'd never pay the price.

  7. ClydeThaMonkey

    ClydeThaMonkeyӨдрийн өмнө

    Mercedes does this all the time with AMD badging on regular Mercs. No one bats an eye. Toyota does it as well. Everyone is loosing their shit lol

  8. Ajingtec

    AjingtecӨдрийн өмнө

    Happy to see that Toyota brought the trd package to the Avalon. Really nice fun looking full size sedan in my opinion.

  9. Lance Hondrade

    Lance HondradeӨдрийн өмнө

    Step 1) Buy an Avalon TRD Step 2) swap in a 2020 Supra B58 engine Step 3) Profit

  10. salvador r

    salvador r2 өдрийн өмнө

    Clean the dandruff off of the dash

  11. Vinh Nguyen

    Vinh Nguyen4 өдрийн өмнө

    what a fcking annoying review lol

  12. A boi

    A boi4 өдрийн өмнө


  13. A boi

    A boi4 өдрийн өмнө

    When im big imma buy a toyota avalon 2020

  14. Nano Gamer

    Nano Gamer5 өдрийн өмнө

    Doug is drunk. 😄

  15. William G

    William G5 өдрийн өмнө

    What I don’t stand about ALL these car brands... why make a Toyota Avalon TRD when you make a Lexus GS? It’s the same fuckin car, am I wrong? Too many car companies have cars that are identical. I can name off dozens but I just don’t get it. Keep the sporty stuff to Lexus and keep Toyota what it’s supposed to be... AFFORDABLE

  16. Matt

    Matt7 өдрийн өмнө

    That grill is way too big and ugly. I like the grill on my 2016 Avalon, but I have to say the 2020 Avalon interior and pretty much everything else on it is cooler than the 2016 Avalon.

  17. Neo Rambler

    Neo Rambler9 өдрийн өмнө

    OMG They've done an MG Rover! Rover 75 to MG ZT anyone? 😂😂😂

  18. Boudreaux from Thibodaux

    Boudreaux from Thibodaux10 өдрийн өмнө

    Would a turbo package have been too much for Toyota to add of this car? Just something to make the look fit the performance.

  19. X Knows

    X Knows10 өдрийн өмнө

    This guy is the example of stupidity and badly informed pseudo reviewer. Laughing at his own jokes is kind of idiotic 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. TundraBoy

    TundraBoy10 өдрийн өмнө

    “For whatever reason they don’t want a luxury brand name like BMW” lol maybe because this car will actually run forever! 🤣

  21. Sam D

    Sam D10 өдрийн өмнө

    This or a base 2020 Lexus ES350

  22. Kinza Baig

    Kinza Baig10 өдрийн өмнө

    Review a Toyota crown

  23. Society News Network

    Society News Network10 өдрийн өмнө

    I remember customizing my 2004 Hyundai Elantra sedan when it was new. I went for the fast and furious look after finding a race club with same vehicle. I visit the dealership and they immediately wanted to trade out my car because a customer loved it so much. Looks sells but a real ricer wants horsepower, I can do other makeup myself.

  24. MinoritiesRlazy

    MinoritiesRlazyӨдрийн өмнө

    I have a 2003 Elantra right now. It’s a piece of crap but it still runs great. I like it cause sometimes I try to run people off the road in it and I’m not worried about totaling it cause it ain’t worth shit anymore

  25. Justin Allen

    Justin Allen10 өдрийн өмнө

    I want one

  26. wldock

    wldock10 өдрийн өмнө

    T-R-D mat LMAO! :) I thought this was a review..not a roast, LOL! What the hell Toyota? You finally release a TRD Avalon that looks like something from Fast & Furious but with no performance. Their 2013 & 2015 TRD SEMA edition Avalons were actually cool looking. Had they actually released those with a worthy performance boost, I bet they could have sold a few. Maybe some Lexus F-Sport, BMW M Sport, Mercedes AMG want-to-be customers looking for a large sports performance sedan bargain. Who the hell is the target market for this thing? Few in the previously mentioned luxury segment will be interested in the Boy racer look... SMH... One Thumbs UP on the roast! Thumbs Down on the car :(

  27. Jae P

    Jae P11 өдрийн өмнө

    "or even Lexus!" - oh, those piece of shit cars.. yah - the Toyota in a Tuxedo .. .. damn, what did Toyota/Lexus do to Doug?!? it goes back far and pretty deep

  28. shonenlad one

    shonenlad one11 өдрийн өмнө

    Larger wheels, but did they stretch the tires from the smaller wheels? Those things could use a little more meat. They look off.

  29. Alex W.

    Alex W.12 өдрийн өмнө

    One of these with like 600 horsepower would be badass

  30. James Reed

    James Reed12 өдрийн өмнө

    All they had to do was put a turbo on it, and it would sell like crazy!

  31. Apple Inc

    Apple Inc12 өдрийн өмнө

    Why buy this when you can buy a Tesla model 3 for a bit more

  32. Evans Morales

    Evans Morales13 өдрийн өмнө

    I'd buy this honestly. I'd even buy the regular one . If I want a classy elegant one I'd go for the ES350 . I love full size sedans tbh.

  33. Android _

    Android _13 өдрийн өмнө

    Pretty sure that Baja Toyota photo was of a model or RC, maybe <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> scale? That metallic red is definitely the colour to get. Potential rivals: Lotus version of the Vauxhaul Carlton, Saturn Ion Redline?

  34. zykeveyin malone

    zykeveyin malone14 өдрийн өмнө

    I haven't seen a Roast like this from Doug sense the Ghibli and Fisker reviews.😂😂

  35. Bernard Cohen

    Bernard Cohen14 өдрийн өмнө

    Doug is the kind of guy that dad would want his daughter to marry

  36. A Clever Name

    A Clever Name14 өдрийн өмнө

    The Avalon is a budget Lexus

  37. Michael CR

    Michael CR14 өдрийн өмнө

    I have to say that the booty angle on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1242">20:42</a> looks pretty damn good, and the red color is by far one of the nicest reds I've seen. I used to drive a 2014 Avalon and it was the most comfortable on the highway, picks up speed very smoothly and plenty of power with the 260'ish HP mine had. This 2020 I think would feel more impressive but in no way it could be called a high perf vehicle. I like it!

  38. takz07

    takz0714 өдрийн өмнө

    Doug, please come to Japan for a bit. Look at car ads, car lots; go to car meets... then you may begin to comprehend all this.

  39. Donnie Baynard

    Donnie Baynard15 өдрийн өмнө

    Sorry, but I can't even finish watching this review. Sheesh

  40. Khumo Motlhaping

    Khumo Motlhaping15 өдрийн өмнө

    Better put some respect on the TRD🤣🤣

  41. Opinionated Stubble

    Opinionated Stubble16 өдрийн өмнө

    Am I the only one who thinks this thing is actually really damn cool?

  42. Andrew S

    Andrew S16 өдрийн өмнө

    I bet the owner hates Doug after this review 😂

  43. Nicholas Riederer

    Nicholas Riederer16 өдрийн өмнө

    If only I knew about this before I bought my taurus

  44. SmokeFan2014

    SmokeFan201416 өдрийн өмнө

    Hmmmmm.......looks like a Lexus. You wouldn’t know it was a Toyota unless you saw the logo....

  45. mglmouser

    mglmouser17 өдрийн өмнө

    Looks like something that wants to compare to a Challenger.

  46. Samia Kam

    Samia Kam17 өдрийн өмнө

    Doug demuro can you review 2020 nissan maxima platinum reserve

  47. 9G.M4NGA

    9G.M4NGA17 өдрийн өмнө

    I guess they were trying to go for a younger crowd, but i doubt the younger crowd could afford this car. Even if they could, I’m sure there are MANY other cars they’d rather spend the money on. I still think it looks cool tho 🤷🏽‍♂️

  48. D Mack

    D Mack17 өдрийн өмнө

    TRD have a potential market. Increase the horsepower and handling and add AWD...I would by it. The TRD AVALON...still trying to understand it's purpose. 🤔

  49. Sean Whitehurst

    Sean Whitehurst18 өдрийн өмнө

    Chuck Berry drove Avalons in his later life. It was the nicest car he could drive without getting pulled over for driving while black.

  50. RSA Jay

    RSA Jay19 өдрийн өмнө

    The window open notification will save you from having your Avalon TRD mats stolen

  51. Enoch Solus

    Enoch Solus19 өдрийн өмнө

    😂😂 Doug had fun roasting this car

  52. Grigory Biryuk

    Grigory Biryuk20 өдрийн өмнө

    Looks good except for the ridiculous grill.

  53. TopTenGuy

    TopTenGuy20 өдрийн өмнө

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> - Anyone notice the truck is a toy lol

  54. stabizisback

    stabizisback20 өдрийн өмнө

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="154">2:34</a> Thats a scale model, lol

  55. rascal

    rascal20 өдрийн өмнө

    My regular 2014 Avalon gets 26 mpgs n the city, 33 highway. Nice for a v6

  56. Wan Ea

    Wan Ea20 өдрийн өмнө

    For me ok lah

  57. Desirable Jodie

    Desirable Jodie20 өдрийн өмнө

    I bet they ship standard Avalons and and some cheap shop adds the bodykit, mats, logos.

  58. Desirable Jodie

    Desirable Jodie20 өдрийн өмнө

    Comes with winter tires? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="303">5:03</a>

  59. Desirable Jodie

    Desirable Jodie20 өдрийн өмнө

    CAD accident.

  60. Chad Champion

    Chad Champion20 өдрийн өмнө

    BRUH...did oh dougie do a lil puffy before this review? "Dont eat me!" WTF

  61. Jacalyn Rodriguez

    Jacalyn Rodriguez20 өдрийн өмнө

    That's messed up that you get a better trunk mat in an Avalon than a million dollar car

  62. Affekthandlung 67

    Affekthandlung 6720 өдрийн өмнө

    wtf is that grille

  63. M Colon

    M Colon20 өдрийн өмнө

    Why someone would buy this instead a Lexus GS? They are about the same price.

  64. 𝖁𝕷𝕺𝕹𝕰 𝖈𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖊𝖗

    𝖁𝕷𝕺𝕹𝕰 𝖈𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖊𝖗20 өдрийн өмнө

    I think Toyota Crown Athlete G better than TRD Avalon

  65. Bob Saget

    Bob Saget20 өдрийн өмнө

    This is for modern ricers who want a car that looks fast but isn’t lol

  66. Greg Swidnicki

    Greg Swidnicki20 өдрийн өмнө

    Doug, you crack me up. lol I love your video's, you make them very informative but very funny. That's what makes me want to watch your video's!

  67. Butthole TheBarbarian

    Butthole TheBarbarian21 өдрийн өмнө

    The face of the car looks like someone stuck an orange slice in their mouth

  68. Technically Tech

    Technically Tech21 өдрийн өмнө

    I always liked how you can make car reviews interesting and your videos are generally good content but if you're reviewing a car the people that click on that video probably want you to just go over the car say it's for old people that's just kind of whack if you know what I mean like really wack like it kind of threw me off guard like what the f***

  69. Guillermo Rivas

    Guillermo Rivas21 өдрийн өмнө

    Toyota should’ve made a turbocharged Corolla and just slapped a TRD logo on it. The new Corolla hatchbacks are really good looking cars on their own, and throwing a TRD badge on it with even a small turbo, make the thing go 200-220 hp, that’ll be a really fun car to drive (also don’t forget to offer a manual transmission option)

  70. Jo Poveromo

    Jo Poveromo21 өдрийн өмнө

    I’m beginning to believe TRD is more marketing than anything. :(

  71. Champagnepapi VEVO

    Champagnepapi VEVO21 өдрийн өмнө

    I would take Audi over this

  72. Craig Collins

    Craig Collins22 өдрийн өмнө

    "Imagine insisting on having a landline telephone...but the receiver is carbon fiber" *looks at several mundane carbon-fiber things in house* am I the target market?

  73. Desmond Gurley

    Desmond Gurley22 өдрийн өмнө

    I loved my 08' Avalon Limited edition. 10' they became a little feminine with the front. By 2013 Toyota ruined Avalon's appearance forever, if I wanted a Camry I'd buy a Camry. Btw what's with BMW, Audi, now Toyota stealing Lincoln's rear taillight?

  74. B Man

    B Man22 өдрийн өмнө

    Never stopped wanting this car ..... regardless of all the problems Fisker has had..... because it is the coolest looking car EVER..... nothing comes even closer to it the 2and best would be Cadillac Escala or Aston Martins

  75. BrendanG3

    BrendanG322 өдрийн өмнө

    for $44,000 i'm getting a new STI


    KOOL KIDZZ22 өдрийн өмнө

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="410">6:50</a> why?

  77. Glenn Wright Jr

    Glenn Wright Jr22 өдрийн өмнө

    My grandma 👵 is going to love this car lots of room in the the trunk for her walker and that sport mode? , OOO yeah she bout to cut up lol

  78. Joann Monkey

    Joann Monkey22 өдрийн өмнө

    I'm not really digging that front grill but let me tell you my 2005 Avalon saved my husband's life and it is the only car we will ever own and I will ever drive it is a cross between a Cadillac and a Z28. I so wish I had the money to get the TRD and add it to my family. But if you are looking for an awesome car this car is for you and if you have new drivers that you want to keep safe and your family or friends and loved ones you definitely want this car. I love love love my Avalon so much that after my husband's accident we went out and got another one. I will never own anything but a Toyota Avalon

  79. Derek Dong

    Derek Dong23 өдрийн өмнө

    middle age crisis compromise I assume?

  80. Calyx

    Calyx23 өдрийн өмнө

    That's a D shaped cup holder, for cornering grip.

  81. Rahul Ram

    Rahul Ram24 өдрийн өмнө

    Why is this not in Fiji please send this to fiji