True Facts: Leafhoppers and Friends

Dr. Andreas Kay
Dr.Kay has captured intimate portraits of many wonderful animals. All of his photos and footage are worth a look
TinyCreature Hub:
I love this channel from Singapore. Lots of great videos from an enthusiast!
Malcolm Burrows ScD, FRS
Dr. Burrows led the fantastic research pertaining to the jumping mechanism of the planthopper nymph
Gernot Kunz:
Animals of Costa Rica App:
Gernot provided most of the photos and has an incredible collection of animal shots in his app. Check it out!
Thierry Bourgoin:
the FLOW database
A very deep database of this vast collection of species.
If you have suggestions or footage:


  1. Chelsea Norris

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    Mildred is an aquarius

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    omg i think i found the best insect/animal channel

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    genius writing!

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    I swear.. if this guy was the lecturer on my school back in the day, i would've receive PhD now


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    Fucking scaphoideus titanus!

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    Mildred-her own damn zodiac? #relate too much

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    Theyre so cute ;-; so adorable

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    The narrator actually likes these insects. Usually he bakes the focus animal.

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    This may very well be my fav video as of far

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    ZeFrank calling my sagittarius ass out

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    I have a new favorite insect

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    Ahhhhhh yes. Another category of roach

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    When you try to sleep but it's 2am and you stumble back onto this dude 🤣

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    All adult leafhoppers are badass maleficents.

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    I do not care what Zefrank narrates, it is always spot on. I could listen to him all day!

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    Sagittarius ♐ here... If i am home, i am too lazy to get dressed. If i go out to somebody else's apt, i just wear a robe... If I am brave enough to leave my apt building you can guarantee that I probably was too lazy to even put on any underwear. And just a p.s.... I think those leaf hoppers and tree🌳 hoppers are adorable!!!

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    OMG I LOVE ❤❤❤THEM!!!!!

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    I remember his old vids is it just me or is his tone different?

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    "Some tails are a bit uptight, like a Virgo" I feel attacked 😂😂😂

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    Mildred is a gemini

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    Hoppers = Car tuners in human world

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    I love the narrator. His voice is strangely arousing. Especially when he talks about one of my favorite subjects. Insects. 💓

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    This is one of the cutest damn things I've ever seen.

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    Congratulations on 1.5 million views in only 15 days 100,000 a day, on average

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    He didn’t say “and that is how the leaf hopper do.” :(

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    1:39 Na bruh i put the video and 0.25 and this dude just dissapeared! Stop lying

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    One of their ilk is currently tearing apart eastern Pennsylvania.

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    I didn't realise there were insects that could be as neon-vibrant as those nymphs at the start of the video. That's genuinely interesting, thank you. :)

  39. FacelessFigure

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    "These are truly some of the most varied and delightful creatures. And I love them. Especially this one. He's very cute. And it makes me thankful for the scientists and enthusiasts; giants compared to these tiny creatures that some call pests, hunkered down, training their macro-lenses on leaves... ...Because they're curious."

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    More like a sagitarius... Damn hes right... Lol

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    We need a bearded dragon I can copy it and send it to my nephew....yeah....then he'll think I'm cool!

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    This episode was beautiful and with a great ending. Thank you for making my day better

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    " *Bay-behs* "

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    Mildred must be a common name amongst leafhopper/planhopper parents🤣

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    This is so wonderful.

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    Mother nature is horrid and goddamn gorgeous. My kind of gal.

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    Can you do elephant seals

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    Can you do a true fact of the wheel bug? I moved to North Carolina and saw one on a gas pump. Weirdest looking bug I've ever seen.

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