First We Feast
First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

The Hot Ones Holiday Special | Hot Ones
  1. Junayd A.A

    Junayd A.A31 секундын өмнө

    That look Brian gives when he says he forgot his own lyrics 🤣🤣

  2. Junayd A.A

    Junayd A.A54 секундын өмнө

    This is the most hilarious episode ever

  3. 1976wong

    1976wongМинутын өмнө


  4. David Carrillo

    David CarrilloМинутын өмнө

    Nobody: Chance: Gimme your milk

  5. Ад Гончар

    Ад Гончар2 минутын өмнө

    Я бы тоже арбуза съел

  6. the roblox gamer 7

    the roblox gamer 73 минутын өмнө

    Congrats to u & ur wife on ur new baby, Chance! ❤

  7. Dr Scruffy

    Dr Scruffy3 минутын өмнө

    I’m with the gang not with the mob Finish it

  8. Siphesihle Sithole

    Siphesihle Sithole3 минутын өмнө

    Is Chance The Rapper the first and only person to go to each that camera, that camera..that camera at the end?

  9. Mariana França

    Mariana França5 минутын өмнө

    even though he didn't eat all the wings still an AWESOME episode

  10. Johnathon Callaghan

    Johnathon Callaghan5 минутын өмнө

    Rhythm & Flow is the bomb

  11. J Walker

    J Walker5 минутын өмнө

    This dude already crying on the second wing n drinking milk, I want to keep watching just cause he already drank milk man. Smh

  12. Maya J

    Maya J6 минутын өмнө

    Get Chief Keef on here 😭

  13. Siphesihle Sithole

    Siphesihle Sithole6 минутын өмнө

    Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie for an hour special duet. Please

  14. JonMcGregor

    JonMcGregor6 минутын өмнө

    Also no offense to Phil, but I'd be nervous about eating with a Libertarian. I'd be afraid they'd poison the food and then offer me the antidote in exchange for my life savings.

  15. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones7 минутын өмнө

    Man I still kinda miss SPF. Reina and Steve made some solid content back in the day

  16. Brimmy Burner

    Brimmy Burner8 минутын өмнө

    DAMAGE CONTROL?! Didn't know yall did that.. use to love tyra.. now all I see is a wannabe white woman who puts down gorgeous young black women. Disgusts me.. HOWEVER THAT HAIR HAT IS FLAWLESS.

  17. Yanisel Garcia

    Yanisel Garcia8 минутын өмнө

    Petition for the following rappers to come on here: Lil Wayne, Eminem, Jcole and Kendrick. Get on it!

  18. Junayd A.A

    Junayd A.A9 минутын өмнө

    I understand why Brian is doing way better than Joji cuz he’s Indonesian , and Indonesian people do eat a lot of spicy food..

  19. TheeJeffrocco

    TheeJeffrocco10 минутын өмнө

    Why does he keep calling Justin Bieber, "Kristen" ?

  20. Blizzard

    Blizzard10 минутын өмнө

    25:08 What you came here for.

  21. // Ronit

    // Ronit10 минутын өмнө

    Holyshit what's that sound at 9:46 I freaked out and paused the video I thought my area got attacked by air force

  22. Daniel Pena

    Daniel Pena10 минутын өмнө

    Sean probably has the worst poop experiences

  23. Hugh Jass

    Hugh Jass10 минутын өмнө

    Ooo I love my wiiiiiiiife I love my wife AAH

  24. Makan Rezaei

    Makan Rezaei11 минутын өмнө

    Too weak

  25. RoyalT Magic

    RoyalT Magic11 минутын өмнө


  26. Patrick O'Donnell

    Patrick O'Donnell11 минутын өмнө

    My favorite burger joints is, Jeffrey Epstein didn't commit suicide.

  27. Junayd A.A

    Junayd A.A11 минутын өмнө

    14:30,lol Joji bringing out his inner Japanese, “itte itte itte” 😂 14:51 “Awwww itte itte”

  28. Ahmed Gajia

    Ahmed Gajia12 минутын өмнө

    I was just waiting for him to stop talking and eat

  29. JonMcGregor

    JonMcGregor14 минутын өмнө difficult about saying wagyu? WAG-YOU. Wypipo, it's better try a little than not at all.

  30. Parker Shoemaker

    Parker Shoemaker14 минутын өмнө

    Hot Damn Hot Wings Hot Shower

  31. King Wildman

    King Wildman15 минутын өмнө

    Nahh jk everybody know that it’s brazzers

  32. ArathiaN* BrightStar

    ArathiaN* BrightStar15 минутын өмнө

    She looks so much better with long hair.

  33. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh16 минутын өмнө

    Headline: Chance says “NO” on curing Cancer!

  34. lolll Taylor gang

    lolll Taylor gang16 минутын өмнө

    Imagine saying you listen to chance the rapper😂😂😂😂

  35. Brandon Higgins

    Brandon Higgins16 минутын өмнө

    You can cut the sexual tension with a knife on this interview.... Evans your an inspirational to us all that had 1998 Sports Illustrated magazine. haha

  36. Joe Gower

    Joe Gower17 минутын өмнө

    It’s weird seeing Eric Andre be like “normal”

  37. Pax_xon

    Pax_xon18 минутын өмнө

    get review bruh on here

  38. TBA Zero

    TBA Zero18 минутын өмнө

    I hope Lebron or any basketball gets to be on hot ones

  39. Drashti Patel

    Drashti Patel19 минутын өмнө

    I subscribed to the Steve Austin show podcast just because Stone Cold is so sweet and reminds me of my dad!

  40. Mike Chelsa

    Mike Chelsa19 минутын өмнө

    please get jeffrey dean morgan on the show!

  41. J Dee Carter

    J Dee Carter19 минутын өмнө

    These Hot Wings videos are the faggiest things on MNgos

  42. Andy Chang

    Andy Chang19 минутын өмнө

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song at 1:01. Been shazaming for 30 minutes with failures and I’m like 503849 comments down and no one has mentioned it :(((((

  43. Scuffed Steve Aoki

    Scuffed Steve Aoki19 минутын өмнө


  44. nachosNapples

    nachosNapples20 минутын өмнө


  45. Chase Grange

    Chase Grange20 минутын өмнө

    So glad I can eat spicy Nuggs while watching

  46. Noel Izawsum

    Noel Izawsum21 минутын өмнө

    She reminds me of Chris rock 😂

  47. Cody Oliver

    Cody Oliver27 минутын өмнө

    Can we please get Questlove and Black Thought on Hot Ones?????????

  48. FngT V

    FngT V27 минутын өмнө


  49. Micha'elah Malmen

    Micha'elah Malmen27 минутын өмнө

    Y'all need to interview my husband. One of the best theatre Spotlight ops in California (has had interactions with everyone from Paul Simon to Bill Cosby and Steve Martin), and whenever possible he keeps up with the hot sauces on whatever episode we're watching (including a double last dab).

  50. Maliq Daseuq

    Maliq Daseuq28 минутын өмнө

    Imagine someone saying - “ayo put on that chance the rapper”🤣😭

  51. Patrick O'Donnell

    Patrick O'Donnell29 минутын өмнө

    I'd smash Tiffany's burger.

  52. Litty Rocc

    Litty Rocc29 минутын өмнө


  53. Sam Finnie

    Sam Finnie30 минутын өмнө

    Demetrius Harmon brought back the spicy nugs

  54. DeityArtistry

    DeityArtistry32 минутын өмнө

    Whoever edited this deserves kudos for the very last visual. Lol.

  55. hans rockwell

    hans rockwell32 минутын өмнө

    The story about Tom hardy wrestling was hilarious😂😂

  56. Mike L

    Mike L32 минутын өмнө

    Fuck chance, nuff said

  57. Averon Destiny

    Averon Destiny33 минутын өмнө

    Do these ppl reach out to him, or does he ask them to be on?

  58. Saiene Lun

    Saiene Lun34 минутын өмнө

    Nobody noticed that Chance is high 😂 that's a good tactic against spicy food tho, works for me (maybe he eat his hot Cheetos while high)

  59. chamoy980

    chamoy98035 минутын өмнө

    “Gimme your milk” ..oof kinda rude bro

  60. john hudson

    john hudson36 минутын өмнө

    Just want to make ya’ll aware there is a petition of sorts to have Steve1989MREInfo on the show. Would totally watch.

  61. Tre Gilliespie

    Tre Gilliespie36 минутын өмнө

    18:34 he started getting possessed

  62. Blacksnyder

    Blacksnyder37 минутын өмнө


  63. Tricia Wadsworth

    Tricia Wadsworth39 минутын өмнө

    Keanu Reeves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please.

  64. JonneyETV

    JonneyETV39 минутын өмнө

    Amazing episode! Loved it

  65. adam_ marc_

    adam_ marc_39 минутын өмнө

    Commack represent

  66. Rhauden H

    Rhauden H40 минутын өмнө

    Need joe Rogan next

  67. Metallicfender

    Metallicfender40 минутын өмнө

    "You know, I think that if anything, Chance, you should be proud of yourself, because you really pushed it." - Proceeds to be added to the *_Hot Ones Hall of Shame_*

  68. Hassan Ladha

    Hassan Ladha40 минутын өмнө

    I don't know why watching this just puts me to sleep haven't been able to finish this at all i think its the music its to sleepish

  69. Sky •

    Sky •41 минутын өмнө

    I kind alike a live audience they are good support when the guest wants to quit and also it’s cute to see Shawn get happy when a few in the audience laugh at his jokes, idk why most of y’all are against it lol

  70. Mark Romero

    Mark Romero41 минутын өмнө

    Bruh, he just took out a hot ones survival kit outta nowhere

  71. Imani Mason

    Imani Mason42 минутын өмнө

    this was the funniest episode 😭😭😭

  72. Justin Diaz

    Justin Diaz42 минутын өмнө

    For anyone wondering what that dope song is that plays during the end roll, it's called Physical by Parellite, feat. Lauren Dunn.

  73. Sonja Stairs

    Sonja Stairs43 минутын өмнө

    the only thing i disagree with in this video is his opinion of ranch on chicken

  74. DeityArtistry

    DeityArtistry45 минутын өмнө

    Seeing this "kid" LIVE is such an experience. Hes not a lazy DJ. You can tell he puts his entire body into it. LOVE Martin Garrix!

  75. UwU ı wuw ywou

    UwU ı wuw ywou45 минутын өмнө

    20:04 God forgive me for what ı thought about 🤭

  76. Jarrod El-Khouri

    Jarrod El-Khouri46 минутын өмнө

    Alright it's time to get Reviewbrah on here yes yes for sure for sure

  77. Marisela Trevino

    Marisela Trevino46 минутын өмнө

    We both love boneless wings, whataburger, and the Dallas Cowboys we meant for each other 😩❤️!

  78. YaBoi Rob

    YaBoi Rob46 минутын өмнө

    Yall should get Stephen A. Smith on the show!

  79. Queen Melodee

    Queen Melodee46 минутын өмнө

    Paul Rudd could introduce himself as Jesus Christ and I wouldn't doubt him for a second.

  80. The Bx Phynix

    The Bx Phynix47 минутын өмнө

    That's Not Fair, Chance Didn't Eat That Last Wing So Technically He Didn't Finish And Therefore Should Be Added To The "HALL OF SHAME". #Facts

  81. Jay Ryan

    Jay Ryan48 минутын өмнө

    I love Dom!

  82. Chelsee TV

    Chelsee TV49 минутын өмнө

    why did you ot bring playboicarti & Takeoff?

  83. Dhruva Shah

    Dhruva Shah49 минутын өмнө

    That speech gave me the CHILLS

  84. Michelle Gray

    Michelle Gray50 минутын өмнө

    Best one I laugh to hard at Shaq face

  85. Winky Tong

    Winky Tong52 минутын өмнө


  86. xNowakx927x

    xNowakx927x53 минутын өмнө

    Get reportoftheweek aka reviewbrah on here that be awesome

  87. S Camarro

    S Camarro54 минутын өмнө

    wait can we get 50 cent on here???

  88. BigHitBman

    BigHitBman55 минутын өмнө

    Love the show, but one of the worst guests... bitch bites and just not entertaining. Not trying to be negative but people are too scared of spicy stuff lol. It’s only temporary pain. Not to mention this dude bitched out on the last 2 wings, cmon now

  89. Alissa Torres

    Alissa Torres55 минутын өмнө

    you such ass

  90. Lokie

    Lokie56 минутын өмнө



    DATSABUCKET56 минутын өмнө

    yo can we get tyler the creator?

  92. Tyler Carrillo

    Tyler Carrillo58 минутын өмнө

    If you mess up, it’s not gonna taste bad

  93. conscious creativez

    conscious creativez58 минутын өмнө

    Yall check me out

  94. amy finch

    amy finch59 минутын өмнө

    Caleb an 18 year old doesn't know what a vcr is 🤔