What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

After being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, it can take as few as two and as many as 14 days for symptoms to develop. Cases range from mild to critical. The average timeline from the first symptom to recovery is about 17 days, but some cases are fatal. Here's what it looks like to develop COVID-19, day by day.
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What Coronavirus Looks Like, Day By Day


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    Additionally, If you've lost your sense of smell or taste, you could be a 'hidden carrier' of the coronavirus. Learn more here: bit.ly/SenseOfSmellCoronavirus

  2. John Doe

    John Doe2 цагийн өмнө

    What if I haven't been able to smell or taste for years?

  3. T.H ➐ Z.R

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    viruscorona is China's biological weapon

  4. Brian Gallegos

    Brian GallegosӨдрийн өмнө

    I lost taste and I get dizzy/ nauseous and get random headaches. My heart beat goes fast for a bit. I’m not sure if I have it

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    @_ studio Lookp

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    Want science? E=GODs JUDGEMENT, CUBED.

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    Let me see it in a lab. Your lying.

  8. Victorious Vehicon

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    Prove. It. You're not a goddamn expert.

  9. newstormwindkeep

    newstormwindkeep2 цагийн өмнө

    outdated. there are two medicines that can eliminate the virus when taken together for about 10 days. the French have this and its already in circulation in NYC

  10. Millennia Productions

    Millennia Productions3 цагийн өмнө

    Aaa I’m even more scared after watching this. This is horrible.

  11. Kitan Kate

    Kitan Kate3 цагийн өмнө

    I had a mild case, it started with struggling to breathe but I could still breathe so I didnt panic too much

  12. Carama Gambino

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    TALK ABOUT 5G And coronavirus

  13. Darius S

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    If you have any flu symptoms use active charcoal coal 1 tsbp mixed with one glass off water every 5h untill your poo be black and then two more times its work with every virus infection. Stay safe and don't get stressed and nervous please

  14. Chubbychick CB

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    It can be overwhelming, I tell you. My husband and I are both in healthcare, we work in the hospital. Roughly 2 weeks ago, he started coughing less than 24 hrs from his shift at the hospital. He did 3 nights in a row. Chills then followed, later on elevated temperatures ranging from 99.8-101. At the onset of his symptom, he self-quarantined. He is staying in a room by himself. The fever lasted for about 3 days. He also had generalized aches, as if his body had been a punching bag. Round the clock acetaminophen seemed to have helped. Day 2 he had some stomach upset with diarrhea that lasted for a day. Day 4, I was able to get him tested at an urgent care facility. He had to wear a mask upon going out of the house and even when he exits his room. The myalgia was subsiding, the cough persisted. It was dry. By day 6 he started complaining of being congested and that he felt a slight chest pressure. Morning of day 7 he told me after breakfast that he felt short of breath. I assessed him, checked his vital signs and oxygen saturation. Everything appeared normal. I contacted our PCP via videocall so he can be virtually assessed. We have been in contact with our PCP since day 1. A little after midnight (day 8) he asked to be taken to ED as he couldn’t sleep and despite his efforts at pursed lip breathing, he still felt short of breath as if the air doesn’t fully enter his lungs. I wrote down whatever transpired since Day 1, his medical/ surgical history as well as the medications he’s on. In the ED, they took an Xray. He was sent home a few hours later. They didn’t check his blood work only advised to await for his swab result. He was given a decongestant. Day 9: he received a call from the the center, his test came back positive. He was advised to continue with quarantine. We informed our PCP with the advise to keep an eye on his symptoms even though he has not been febrile for a few days doesn’t mean that he’s infection free. Day 10 he started expectorating mucus, in small amounts. The once dry cough now productive. Today is day 12. He reported feeling better, his body aches is very mild, the cough is clearing. His daily regimen includes 2 g of Vit C, warm fluids (a concoction of ginger/lemon/honey), plenty of water, soups when I can manage to make, adequate nutrition, fruits and vegetables. Every other day since his fever broke, I had him take a warm shower. I’ve prepared steam inhalation for him as well. As much as I don’t want to worry, it can’t be helped. The anxiety can impede your good sense so it would help to approach the situation in a pragmatic way. If you focus on the worst, you’ll only feel hopeless. It is totally understandable to be worried though, I was cause he has other co-morbidities. But you have to be proactive and be emotionally strong. As for me, I’ve done my best to disinfect surfaces, door knobs, the bathroom and things. He has designated utensils to use and is kept in the room. The kids has been mostly cooperative especially with handwashing and keeping themselves healthy. although they have missed their Dad’s cuddles and hugs, they were understanding of our situation. Trying and difficult times we are in. May God have mercy and bless us all.

  15. Liana

    Liana5 цагийн өмнө

    I haven't left the house for 3 weeks. But it feels like I feel something. I dont know. is it a psychological thing?

  16. alrahal2222

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    Lesson to be learnt: leave those flying rats to their own devices... DO NOT EAT THEM.

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    protect your self not for you but for all mngos.info/video/o6ayg5p4iLmwfoI.html

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    The number of confirmed deaths has passed thow hundred. The governor has called a state of emergency... There were hundreds and hundreds of bodlies lining the streets . Panic spread world wide after a leaked report from the world health organization showed that the latest vaccunation test have failed ...With the bureaucrats out of power we finally take the necessary steps to... Los Angeles is now he latest city to be placed under martial law All residents are required to report to their designed quarantine Riots have countinued for third consecutive day and winter rations are at an all time low A gruop calling themeselves the fireflies have claimed responsibility for both attacks. Their public chater calls for the return of all branches of government You can still rise whit us. remenber when you¨are lost in the darkness look for the light. believe in the fireflies.

  19. bazrazin1

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    how do people recover, what's the mechanism for that.

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    Watch this if you dare: mngos.info/video/ctewrWhugrPNrWk.html

  22. Emax Professional

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    Don't go out and get yourself tested.. limit your exposure to other people to zero..

  23. supernovasuper Plays

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    Me: *coughs* Asians: *intense sweating and fear*

  24. supernovasuper Plays

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    I thought you MEANT A.R.S not A.R.D.S

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    The problem with this video is using chinese data. Its never real, aways manipulated.

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    Why don’t they just pump out the liquid in the lungs?

  27. Eazy_Lifeb TV

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    Rajhai Haynes if I was a doctor I would’ve have found a cure by now.

  28. Rajhai Haynes

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    Because your lung's bronchial tubes aren't pumpable like that........ you see the pressure in the plura an airtight membrane above the diaphragm and surrounding the lungs is below the normal pressure in the air thats why when u inhale your lungs get bigger and vice versa but if the lunges were pumped the plura could burst from a higher/lower than normal pressure thus causing a pneumothorax or if it ruptures a major artery found on the lungs it could cause a hemothorax

  29. Harry Potter

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    Its a serious virus stay home save Lifes

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    them damn things look like the insects from the Aliens movie

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    I have Corona and this is scary

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    Stay at home people.

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    I don’t have cough, fever, runny nose or anything but, my heart feels heavy. Do I have it?

  34. Na Na

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    misolou fout I know Am I gonna die?

  35. misolou fout

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    Wuhan coronavirus is deadly.

  36. Hiwa Jalal

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    Damn it I have a fever.

  37. Prower

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    Is runny nose a symptom?

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    This is the result of 5g

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    Save the ventilators

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    Melissa Doyle from Australia's The Latest copied part of this word-for-word in tonight's episode. Copyright issue!

  41. jas jassim

    jas jassim19 цагийн өмнө

    M having difficulty breathing sometimes.....and not at all fever not even a lil bit.....but its been 1 week since i hav dyspnea.....and the main thing is that my heart is pounding like anything....i checked the oximeter since that day and still i hav tachycardia.....but no other symptoms like cold or sorethroat .....but m feeling weak maybe becuz m paranoid as fkk....someone bring me light to this🙏hope its not corona

  42. Blake Bautko

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    This podcast episode discusses Coronavirus and what citizens are currently dealing with and how to stay positive throughout all of this! Please listen! anchor.fm/jordi-perez-blake-bautko

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    For subs like this!! #Ankiigusain

  44. Owen

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    Everybody chillax. If you're under the age of 60 the death rate is extremely low. Don't panic and do the research for yourself, look into the numbers. The virus spreads really quick, but if you're young and healthy you shouldn't be scared for yourself, be scared for the elderly who have a high risk of death. If you're someone who's freaking out, don't. Panic and fear makes people do stupid things, especially in groups. You should be concerned and prepared, but being terrified is unreasonable. No one is reasonable or intelligent when they're scared.

  45. Joel Vorensky

    Joel Vorensky20 цагийн өмнө

    I had the symptoms described in the video. I'm happy to share my solution. I crush a whole garlic, add cayenne. I do enough, enough of the crushed crushed garlic/cayenne with food, rice, chicken broth, pasta, scrabbled egg. I can do as much garlic/cayenne twice a day. I sweat out the virus during night sleeps. This gets into the small hairs of the digestive tract and cleanse the virus. Next, I'm an asthmatic so I use a nebulizer with inhalation solution Impratropium Bromide/Albuterol Sulfate when I have shortness of breath. Next I do use supplements, zinc, grape seed. Next, I practice the discipline of "Animated Laughter with Feelings", (on youtube.com) book "I Dare to Heal with Laughter". The repetitive "Animated Laughter with Feelings" cleanse the accumulated "Fear" (Face Everything and Rise). The result of the repetitive laughter is the dynamic release of the healing hormones, endorphins, opioids, T-cells, antibodies, anti-aging and serotonin.

  46. Green Ranger

    Green Ranger20 цагийн өмнө

    Can you just inhale, hold for couple seconds then exhale, and do several time as self-test? I believe the body is amazing and it can give many clues.

  47. jj jj

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    how many of you here have a cold?

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    Wuhan coronavirus is deadly.

  49. San Jose FeaR

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    I have Corona and this is scary

  50. Cho Mar

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    There’s a cure fo the covid-19 and it is, Have faith in god

  51. 49jubilee

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    STOP SMOKING people...its the burning , which cause problems

  52. Bouzaroual Said

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    Pray to GOD 5 times a day and u will be ok that's ur amune system in life and after life

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    Very informative. Thanks

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    5 minutes of scaremongering, 10 seconds explaining why poeple shouldn't panic Messaging may need a little work.

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    The narrator's obnoxious vocal fry is gonna kill me faster than COVID-19!

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    I have a dry cough right now neet

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    Please wear mask, it is very important, please! Please please: this is the most important step to avoid the virus!

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    People all around the world on 31st December 2019.... WELCOME 2020... 2020 on 31st December 2020: ARE YOU SURE? 😂😂😂😈😈

  60. ampharos

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    please help i've had a sore throat for the past week or two. no coughing or fever at all. im scared i've been infected and my sore throat is getting worse.

  61. Alex Khalil

    Alex KhalilӨдрийн өмнө

    I’m gonna say what I gotta say. We have the worst government on planet earth why don’t the us government take action for once and close all streets and force people to stay home? If they do that then we could all go back to school, work, see our friends, etc. in 2-3 weeks max. The government is making this so much worse than what it should be if they shut down all flights a day before they did then we would be down to half the cases of COVID-19 in our country. Dr. Fauchi is one example of the many doctors/nurses not getting sleep because of this stupid virus some people are doing all they can to stay home and I’m glad but other stupid people think that it’s ok to have parties, go to the beach, go to their friends house, etc. that is why our government needs to send the military out to every city and forcefully make people stay in there homes for the good of our country.

  62. Nancy J

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    why, there is so many dislikes..Is there something not correct in the video?

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    I pray for all world 🌏good health. Please save world 🌏from this disease.

  64. elenavaso

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    I’m not sure what to do, my aunt came over after she got back from airport and I begged everyone to not hug her and we just see her from the road. I love her but I didn’t want to risk my baby. Everyone hugged her and a week later I have been dealing with a horrible cough and phlegm. No fever, but i’m just worried but also don’t want to take any tests for those who are worse off but would also Like to know because my husband has severe asthma. Like i said idk what to do except self isolate of course

  65. Robert Charles

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    We all need to track out health from home BECAUSE WE NEED TO STAY AT HOME i have one of this fingerhealth.store and its great get yourself one at shop or from this site

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    Ok juice head

  67. Manish Kanojia

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    I think i have symptoms of covid-19, Abdominal pain (Never happened like this earlier) Sneezing earlier, Now it's fine. From India Any suggestions?

  68. Wtf Sup

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    Stay home, eat well, sleep well.

  69. killmeister2271

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    i came in contact with someone who likely had the condition about a week ago. i am now sniffling and have an occasional cough. please pray for me im only 21

  70. MiMi's Life

    MiMi's LifeӨдрийн өмнө

    Informative, for sure. But what about our Mental Health. For those interested here is a video: mngos.info/video/dMmweI-NZayjkJI.html

  71. Joe Garcia

    Joe GarciaӨдрийн өмнө

    i’ve had a headache since friday.. that is the only symptom I’ve had. should i be worried?

  72. Wtf Sup

    Wtf SupӨдрийн өмнө

    It was my first indication. A few days later boom, it smashed me so fast.I survived round one now 2 weeks later into round two.

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    Very well explained and fully understood

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    I hope people are staying home and avoid the spreading of COVID-19. This is scary!

  76. S I.

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    -Corona hysteria is perfect for restricting or abolishing civil rights. -Corona makes it possible for people to be voluntarily quarantined, which is just another form of detention. -Corona allows us to get used to increased police and military presence on our streets. -Corona ensures that people are no longer allowed or do not want to gather! Restriction on freedom of assembly (France's yellow vests wear out!) -Corona ensures that people can be vaccinated against their will and at the same time chipped (RFID). The constitutional "physical integrity of a human life" is then over. -Corona makes it possible to get rid of the cash under the pretext of infection. -Corona enables total surveillance to maintain public order. -Corona is the perfect alibi for the collapse of the financial system. So the real reasons and the real cause remain in the background.

  77. euph6ric

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    i’ve been having a really bad cough for about 4 days already with a fever and have been sweating a lot and this scared me even more 😔

  78. lee van cleef

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    Mine started last night feel like absolute shit..

  79. Jack Sam

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    I'm right there with you buddy. Just take it day by day.

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    F china.

  81. Fingers Crossed

    Fingers CrossedӨдрийн өмнө

    if 80% are mild-moderate 14% severe and 6% are critical, why is a third of the world in lockdown?

  82. Wtf Sup

    Wtf SupӨдрийн өмнө

    Severe cases need hospital care. If they can't get it 15% of cases might not survive?

  83. Jack Sam

    Jack SamӨдрийн өмнө

    I bet you'd still say that if the Spanish flu was around. Only 10% of us are dying, let's just get on with our day and do nothing to protect anyone.

  84. Elena B.

    Elena B.Өдрийн өмнө

    Shit I don’t think I have a thermometer and I coughed twice and now I really wanna take my temp, because I love to torture myself. Is there an iPhone app that can scan you for temperature 😑

  85. Bal'lala Muhammed Idris

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    COVID 19 NIGERIA UPDATE CHANNEL .mngos.info/tv-JXcQ9_bV7Z-c1uwvTgxnmg

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    Lol so ibs ain’t shit right ?

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    Nice Information..... God Almighty Bless All.

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    mngos.info/video/YMann4-KjbmYnqw.html Check this couple of China coronavirus affected

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    cOwOna viwus

  90. Kingkong 101

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    Oh nooo i have all these symptoms if i test positive im going to rip a fat bong and im going for a long run and water lots of water

  91. Ray Wood1

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    Best way to beat covid 19 is to build your immune system up and keep a clean house wipe down everything

  92. Sky1

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    ... and make sure your life insurance is up to date.

  93. NihilisticMonkey Dancing

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    Can't we just hang the patients on their feet and remove the slime from the Lungs with a Subwoover and some sine waves or so?

  94. Jack Sam

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    Yeah sure, if we're in a cartoon.

  95. Benson Bang Chuol

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    by the way this pandemic disease request all world dweller to pay tension upon their live dependence on bible alone to ask God in order to make scientist discover drug sooner or less to pray more

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    So I had the virus great

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    ??? What you on. April. 20th

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    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.